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Custom web development and cybersecurity consulting company

There are many reasons why you should consider us as your partner. Above all, it’s the dedication to offer great IT services. We at CoreIT create solutions that people love.

Who are we?

CoreIT is a custom web development and cybersecurity consulting . Our team consists of devoted developers, designers, engineers, researchers, writers, explorers, even superhumans, but most importantly – at your service!

Custom development services
tailored for your business

CoreIT is located in the Tallinn, Estonia. Committed to build and invest in long-term relationships. Therefore our aim is to create partnerships, trust, professionalism, and accountability.



Creativity unites us

“Alone” does not exist in our dictionary, but “Team” does. You’ll love the harmony in us!


Maximum respect

We do take work seriously. However, we believe that building a relationship with our client is important too.



Our working culture is what makes us unique. Listening, reflecting, and communicating it first brings clarity to our work and secondly empathy from our clients.


Make it better

Our commitment means not only do we deliver what’s expected, but we go beyond expectation.




Cups of Coffee

Our culture.

Here at CoreIT, we are committed to building a culture based on shared values, beliefs, and practices. In addition, this creates an operating system for our entire organization.

It is our belief that teams do their best work in an inclusive environment therefore being open to unique ideas, people, and perspectives, helps us grow too.

Put people first

We care deeply about the individual. That care extends from our employees to our clients and to the community.

Be authentic

Always lead with transparency and vulnerability. Our best work is when we stay true to who we are.

Own the outcome

At CoreIT, our team takes initiative, thrives on collaboration, and has the expertise to make things happen.

Play the long game

Growing with our people and our clients means having an iterative mindset that will allow us to continuously make progress towards the future.

Make time for play

We never miss a chance to celebrate success, explore a new idea, or just have fun with our teammates.

Have an open mind

It is our belief that teams do their best work in an inclusive environment therefore being open to unique ideas, people, and perspectives, helps us grow too.

Life at CoreIT.

Professional Development

If you want to deliver success, the secret is within your staff. Working at our company, you will be constantly developing new skills and have the opportunity to promote yourself. This is how we deliver efficiency when working with our clients and we don’t let anyone settle for less. It’s all in your hands if you want to achieve more and we will be ready for you.


We have delivered projects on time.
Learning at CoreIT.


If you’ll become part of our company know that you will be constantly developing new skills and improving them. Our staff for us is the core to our success. This is why investing in training and certification for them helps them build confidence and raise productivity. In the end, it’s a triple win – for them, us, and the customers as well!

Free time at CoreIT.

Fun & Entertainment

No wonder they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, we take fun seriously too 🙂

Outdoor trips. Weekend getaways. Food events. PlayStation tournaments. Boardgames. Movie nights. You name it. Our work environment simply rocks.

Careers at CoreIT.

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